I have been around for a while now and I like to relate “how things used to be” to my son. Of course, times have changed and it is amusing to think back about predictions from my youth. There have been changes that I never could have predicted years ago.

I played on the tennis team in high school and played ALTA at the South Fulton Tennis Center after I turned 18. My brother always accompanied me to those practices and games. We were younger than everyone else and not from the high society that some there hailed from. That was fine with us though and we had a great time. Most of the people that I played tennis with were professionals, lawyers, doctors, etc. Looking back, they were so nice and accommodating to us. Those were special times.

One of the oddest things that we saw our new friends do was drink Perrier, which we were told was water with an attitude. I personally could not believe they paid to drink this stuff when there were Coke machines on the premises. One day we got a bottle of it and tried it and my brother and I both agreed it was nasty! This was still before the days of bottled water. Perrier was not simply water, so when I heard rumors years later that plain, ordinary water would be for sale in bottles, I honestly could not believe it!

This was simply unfathomable to me and I could not believe that anyone would ever be foolish enough to pay for water when it was free. I laughed so much and I knew this idea of selling bottled water would never fly.  Things have changed so much. Now, I do not drink water unless it is bottled. Ironically, I am drinking a bottle of Dasani water as I write. This bottle of water was part of a case that I paid 5 dollars for and was delivered to my door this morning by Amazon Fresh. I ordered it last night from my iPhone as I lay in my bed. I have to admit that is a pretty decent change!

“Dasani Image”. Amazon website. https://www.amazon.com/Dasani-Bottled-Water-16-9-24/dp/B000T9SZOU. Accessed July 22, 2017.


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