So I hit a milestone this year and turned the big 50. I am not depressed or lamenting, actually I am thoroughly thrilled that God has allowed me to make it this far. Strangely, I hit 50 in January, the same month that my son turned 18. That was an amazing, blessed event as well! Later this year, my Momma will turn 70 in the same month that my Daddy would have also turned 70, if he had lived to see it. You take the good with the sad.

It has been a time of reflection, yet a time to move forward. I finally achieved my masters in American History and a grad certificate in Civil War Studies. I lack one more course having a grad certificate in American Revolution. I am feeling slightly historical. I struggled cleaning hotel rooms, while home-schooling my son, to achieve these goals. Within the last few months, a cousin referred me for a part-time job that for the first time I am using my hard fought for education in an actual occupation. It has been fantastic! I have learned how to network and how to write a resume (my son and I together actually) and I am still seeing where this road will lead.

I am a Civil War and American Revolution historian, or at least I play one on tv. I love history of any type, but especially early American history. Those who know me know that I am a family historian and amateur genealogist. Back before my backwards march up the aisle, I spent a great deal of time on ancestry and digging up dirt on ancestors.

I have always loved to write, but have never taken much time to do it. It always seems there was something else to do. Of course I wrote in grad school, but that was required writing (although I enjoyed it immensely). Some of the jobs that I have filled out the torrential monsoon of job applications over have either been in the writing field or related to it. Some asked for my blog or if I had experience in blogging. I had neither and had never actually given it much thought. My semi-centenarian thoughts now desire to wallow around in print while I continuously adjust direction. This blog will address my journalistic needs. I will probably hit on topics related to history, family, and genealogy. Anything is possible. Most of all, I plan to Fantabulize Fifty as only I can do!!



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